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Friday, May 8, 2009


   Seriously, I don't agree with the whole idea of it. Macros seems to be a self-righteously absorbed revolutionary whose whole idea of changing things is motivated by his own willingness to prove others wrong. Quite Frankly Im not impressed...He should just leave things the way they are... The invisible hand that is the world will eventually bring everything to how they need to be!

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  1. NeoLiberalism - FC

    I couldn't disagree with you more, the rebellion in Chiapas isn't a movement inspired by Marcos for his on selfish reasons. Marcos is a man that comes from Mexico City, he came to the Mexican southeast, because the economic situation in this region was unthinkable. Adam Smiths "invisible hand" hasn't brought things back together for the past five hundred and two years, so someone needed to take a stand and draw attention to the situation. Marcos does this for the indigenous people. In my opinion Marcos is involved in the revolution for selfless reasons, Marcos did promote the saying and feeling of "everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves." Also I would like to add Marcos calls himself not a commander, but the subcomandante, which is "conduit for the will of the councils". He says he is the spokesman of the movement, NOT the leader in a aspects.