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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Modern Revolution

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation's ideas and their problems with the Mexican government are well documented by Subcomandte Marcos in Our Word Is Our Weapon. The indigenous people of Mexico felt that the government ignored their needs. The use of the internet and other technologies helped this insurgency gain support. The insurgents in many counties in the middle east also use the internet to help gain sympathy for thier cause. This new tactic of spreading propaganda that anyone can see has formed how modern day revolutions are able to gain so much support within and outside their own country. The international spot light that the internet propoganda helped gain these revolutions defiently fits the books name, Our Word is Our Weapon, because of how effective they have been in gaining support.


  1. The modern world technology opens people up to the ideas of other cultures around the world. This revolution took place because of the world easy ties together, since the theme in the revolution seems to be anti-globalization what I think will come from this modern spread of propaganda is the spread of human rights and democracy on an equally level globally. Rebellion is about the people of a common nature that want to improve there life, as evidence of the spread of a better world becomes popular knowledge people will become more likely to rebel against oppressive leaders. During the time of enlightenment revolution followed because the people became aware of their rights through books such as John Locke, with this new media so open and available revolutions are inevitable.

  2. Subcomandante Marcos utilized his skills of propoganda very well. One of the most interesting sources was his interview with Zach de la Rocha who is the lead singer of the former band Rage Against the Machine. De la Rocha wrote songs about subcomandante Marcos and the entire EZLN movement. This spread a message to million of fans in the U.S. and throughout the world. Even if Marcos didn't intend to use RATM as propoganda de la Rocha had other ideas. Songs, shirts , posters and other items of RATM had the EZLN symbol on them representing the bands support of what Subcomandante Marcos was doing in Mexico.